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Nixxie trades about us

Nixxie Trades Sense
is a proudly Canadian company. We are a Health Canada licensed distributor with MDEL #18963We started our path as a local business in 2009 in Concord, Ontario. We are 100% Canadian owned, which means we are 100% committed to the excellence that can be expected from Canadian companies.

For more than a decade our team of dedicated professionals has been serving Canadians, providing utmost customer service and building long-term relationships with our clients. Nixxie Trades is an ultimate one-stop shop for all your shopping needs- our brick-and-mortar stores as well as online stores will make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable. No two clients are the same to us- we tailor to every customer by anticipating all your needs and finding you the best solutions. We are importers, exporters, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, all-in-one. Our products range from high-end skincare products to kitchenware, we supply PPE’s to corporate clients and kid toys to walk-in customers.

We believe that the key to success is in supporting each other. Being a Canadian company, we also support local Canadian businesses. Nixxie Trades Sense is an exclusive distributor of Made in Canada Rapid Protectant premium hand sanitizers, Ronco products, Posh Beauty; Rexy Cosmetics and more. Over the years we have built good relationships not just with clients, but with our vendors, suppliers, service providers and more. We source locally the best products of the best quality to keep you satisfied. In 2020 Nixxie also launched our own line of products to fulfill the customer demand for high quality products at affordable rates. Some of the products are presented on our website.

We are constantly expanding, learning, developing to serve you better and to provide you with the top-notch products and services. Nixxie can fulfill all your B2B and B2C solutions, your customized solutions at the best affordable rates. We thank everyone who trusts Nixxie and are overwhelmed with the support that we get from you. Thank you 
for supporting local Canadian business, thank you for supporting Nixxie Trades Sense.