The Benefits of 3-Ply Masks

How do 3-Ply Face Masks work?

3-ply face masks are manufactured from 3-ply, spun-bonded polypropylene, non-woven fabric.

These popular disposable masks are light-weight and comfortable. They also have elasticated loops that are latex-free to minimise allergic reactions.

Benefits of 3-Ply Face Masks

When it comes to disposable masks, 3-ply masks are quite popular because of their affordability and usefulness.

As these 3-ply masks are meant to be discarded after every use, the chances of infection are minimized when the wearer is using them.

During your grocery shopping or your typical gym day, you might have noticed some individuals wearing a face mask and some of them going without. You might also be wondering why people are wearing these masks.

3-ply face masks have several features that make them very useful to the wearers. Whether you have to go outside, operate directly on the frontlines of the medical field or need to return safely to work in an office setting, 3-ply face masks offer a disposable, affordable and trusted solution.

In this article we’ll talk a bit about the main benefits of 3-ply masks.

Daily protection

Firstly, the nose airways of the wearer are protected. This reduces the possibility of infection and transmission. Coughing and sneezing are ways that viruses can spread if all of the particles have nowhere to go. Wearing a face mask helps to stop the spread of viruses. Disposable masks can be used to prevent pathogens and germs from being spread by the wearer. The possibility of someone else contracting viruses nearby is reduced by wearing a 3-ply face mask and vice versa. When your airways are covered by a mask then anyone unintentionally releasing germs in your direction will have less of a chance of infecting you. 

Wearing a 3-ply mask allows you to breathe while also protecting yourself and those around you.


3-ply masks have three layers that include a nonwoven fabric layer, a filter layer and a soft inner layer. This multi-layered design provides superior fluid resistance and protection for the wearer.

Comfortable fit

Thanks to elastic ear loops and soft, skin-friendly fabric, 3-ply face masks are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wearing.

They are disposable and rest easy on your ears. The mouth, chin and nose of the wearer are all covered.

One size fits all

An adjustable nose clip ensures that 3-ply masks can fit most adults and children regardless of size.

Options for 3-Ply Face Masks

3-ply masks are generally available in 3 ASTM levels of protection:

ASTM Level 1: ASTM Level 1 masks provide low barrier protection, perfect for non-surgical and low-risk settings.

ASTM Level 2: ASTM Level 2 masks offer moderate barrier protection against fluids and sprays.

ASTM Level 3: Commonly used in surgical settings, ASTM Level 3 masks are considered for maximum protection against heavy levels of spray or fluid exposure.

Non-medical grade: These masks are the cheapest available options. They offer a barrier protection, but are not certified by health authorities.

Our Recommendations

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  • Made of waterproof material
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