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ZShield Flex - Reusable Face Shield - Made in USA; The Z Shield Flex Face Shields - Designed For Safety & Comfort Canada-wide Shipping

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The award-winning ZShield Flex offers a unique, lightweight, neck-mount design with flexible coverage, featuring a protective visor that easily folds up and down for use as you need protection. The ZShield Flex is ideal for everyday activities, provides clear communication, eye protection, and pairs comfortably with a face mask for added security and confidence. Our shields provide an effective facial barrier for a range of activities, interactions and environments where protection may be needed and are ideal for the workplace. *ZShield Flex offers a more open design compared to the ZShield Wrap, for flexible use. View the full spec sheet.

Visor Dimensions: 11.7” x 11.81” x .025”
Shield Bracket Dimensions: 5.527” x 3.823 x 1.773”
Neck Mount Dimensions: 8.64” x 5.70” x 1.78”

ZShield Flex is designed to be a comfortable, wearable barrier that helps prevent the direct transfer of respiratory droplets from the user’s mouth or nose onto persons, food or other objects. Our face shields are designed for clear verbal and nonverbal communication and comfort when masks or stationary sneeze guards are not practical. They are made in the USA, recyclable and easy to clean with soap and water. ZShield Flex users should still practice social distancing, just as they would with a face mask.

These shields provide effortless protection without limiting the visibility.

Product Features: • Optimal fit—can be comfortably worn for many hours • Customer-friendly—allows visibility of facial expressions for verbal and non-verbal communication • Interrupts bi-directional airflow for safer interactions • Business-friendly—safer environment for employees and customers, while maintaining a positive experience • Can easily adjust up for active engagement and down for idle circumstance • Breakaway safety feature—allows for quick attaching and detaching from neck • Ultra lightweight • Minimal noticeability—forms to the user’s neck and chest

Assembly Instructions
1 Remove items from the box and place on a clean surface. Peel off protective cover/film on both sides of the visor starting from the bottom.

2 Ensure neck mount is positioned upright in the idle setting. Align H-cuts in visor with prongs (middle). Attach the visor by snapping each prong to cut, working from the center to the outer prongs.

3 Place around neck and adjust the device to the correct setting by shifting the shield up or down. The visor should cover the user’s eyes, nose, and mouth for optimal protection.

Materials Used:
Frame: Polypropylene (Black) Hypoallergenic
Visor: PETG (Optically Clear)
Note: Do not leave in extreme heat

Cleaning Instructions:
Wash all components with soap and water
Frame—Dishwasher safe
Note: All components are shipped unsterilized

Please Recycle